Technology Platform and Business Benefits


Technology Platform

Platform Technology
Apple iOS iOS SDK, Object C
Android Java, Android SDK
Cross Platform Senchatech, Java Script, HTML, CSS
Windows Mobile Windows 8
Tablet Development iOS SDK, Object C, Java, Android SDK, Senchatech, Java Script, HTML, CSS


Business Benefits

  • HTML5 compliant & JavaScript
  • Cross platform, support for all major mobile operating systems – Android, IOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone Widely adopted industry standard open source development tools and frameworks – Rhodes / RhoMobile, PhoneGap, Jquery Mobile.
  • Secured communication to enterprise data through VPN (e.g. CISCO Any Connect) from smart phones
  • Sync mobile apps with backend data using RhoConnect thus keeping enterprise application data current and available on users’ smartphones
  • Automatic provisioning of appropriate apps for end users
  • Deprovision (“wipe”) of enterprise apps and data if device is stolen or user is terminated
  • Standards based messaging REST, JSON, SOAP
  • Service Oriented Architecture – Ability to connect to heterogenious backend systems and legacy applications using our server based Mobile Broker Architecture
  • Less time to market, low budget using our own scalable MEAP