App Monitoring – Why is it Critical for the Success of Your Business?

Though several new apps are being launched every day, customers opt for faster and more accurate service providing apps. Therefore, maintaining app quality is the core of any business to stand out from the competitors. However, app quality is not just about the app designing and development, the performance of the app is also crucial for the success of an app.

Monitoring an application will help detect and fix a problem – before your customer even aware of that problem exists. So, app monitoring has become an increasingly significant factor to retain customers and help businesses achieve the exceptional customer loyalty. Here is how the performance of an app influences your business.

Importance of App Performance

If a user doesn’t like the app performance, he will reject it immediately. According to a recent survey of app users, 44% of users said they would delete an app if its performance is not well enough. They have also said that, being disappointed with certain apps immensely, they not only delete the apps but also make the effort to warn would-be buyers about app’s performance issues by leaving a review. Social media also makes this condition worse as bad reviews spread at the speed of light.

Apps have to be updated regularly because apps that are never looked by developers once released have major performance issues, which get worse with time.

What Metrics to Focus On?

Tracking metrics will help developers to find out and solve issues timely. Here I have mentioned some metrics, which are imperative to deliver a top-notch business app.


App crashes are a big loss for any business. To retain customers for long time and to pull them back for more, it is crucial to avoid the crashes. Here are a few things you need to consider while tracking crash metrics.

  • Number of crashes
  • Which OS crashes are more frequent
  • Which all devices the app is crashing
  • Number of handled exceptions the app generates


Uptime is nothing but the percentage of the app time that did not experience a crash. It is one of the key factors in app monitoring because apps having an uptime less than 99% are considered not competitive in the public app stores. 47% of apps have an uptime less than 99%.

App monitoring

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Users vote for fast and quick accessing apps. App responsiveness determines the speediness of apps, indicating how fast the apps respond to user interface events. If the app responsiveness score is high, it results in high app latency and leads to frustration of the user. To satisfy customers, the app responsiveness score should be less than 1 second.

It just takes a second for users to give your app a thumbs-up or thumbs-down. Hence, app monitoring is equally important as app designing and developing. Monitor your app continually to achieve success in your business. Only a dedicated service provider can track these metrics and ensures your app success post-launch.

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