IoT Bootcamp – 21st & 22nd August

Vmoksha has successfully completed another IoT Events on 21st & 22nd August in Bangalore, consists of participants from different domains such as engineering, medical sciences, and education background.

The Bootcamp includes technical leads from Persistent Systems and Accenture with 9 years & 6 years experience respectively. An Embedded Engineer from Sasken with 2 years experience, a Doctor from KLE Medical Science with 20 years, and four B.Tech students from Coimbatore have also participated.

Taking our IoT Events to the next level, we have introduced an advanced Add-on session that includes IoT & WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) module besides our regular Bootcamp sessions. This Add-on session will be delivered to the participant on an additional day or as a separate one-day session based on their preference. The Hands-on session will be performed on a Zigbee protocol using Xbee.

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