Building an Enterprise Mobility Strategy

Enterprise mobility is poised to rule the business world. The way people bank, travel, shop, learn, work and think has changed extremely with mobility.  However, this increased reliance on mobility among people has significantly benefited enterprises & entrepreneurs over the past few years.

Now it is an opportunity and a choice for all of us to take the industry to the next level with the help of Enterprise Mobility solutions.

Mobility Solution

Basic foundation for mobile strategy

A comprehensive mobile strategy is imperative to elevate brand value, explore new market, drive engagement and improve workplace efficiencies. It requires a robust plan which should be firmly connected to the company’s initiatives.
For all businesses, customers and employees may connect from multiple endpoints throughout the day. Therefore, it is important to engage them with a cohesive set of experiences that meets their diverse needs. A successful enterprise mobile strategy must include the main objectives of the company and integrated viewpoints of both business and IT leaders.

As you set goals for meeting the customers, partners and employees through mobile, IT leaders can build a path that will execute your goals in an efficient, integrated and secure way.


Choose the right path

As technology keeps changing with new devices and operating systems, a multi-edge application development should be the core of enterprise mobile strategy. This will generate a unique set of challenges such as premium user experience, user interface, legacy design and development tools, ever-changing security standards, user expectations and managing application lifecycle.

By overcoming these challenges, you need to build a strategy that meets your business objectives effectively and efficiently.


Establish your business objectives

Establishing business objectives is critical to a successful enterprise mobile strategy. To initiate mobile strategy, first you need to know your intent behind the mobile presence i.e. whether you focus business-to-employee (B2E) or business-to-customer (B2C).

To determine how your investment and value in mobile strategy impacts ROI, you need to establish clear objectives and key performance indicators (KPI). In order to gain true strategic alignment, your objectives need to be quantified in a way that proves value which can be done by creating KPIs.

Users instinctively have great mobile experience these days. So, your approach to mobile app development should be planned carefully and designed to fulfill user’s intent.


Execute your mobile strategy

Traditionally, application developers relied on multiple web-based tools for the design and development process. As user experience has now become a new standard, it is crucial to use new tools and processes that are particularly designed to tackle the challenges of the app development.

Cloud-based solutions and collaborative technology will allow the designer to gain full control over the user interface and design. The cloud-based development platform will ensure more efficient apps in quick time.

There are four main phases to design a multi-edge app.

  • Requirements gathering
  • User experience and app flow design
  • Graphic design
  • Development


Build your app with the right technology

Among native, mobile web and hybrid apps, you have to decide which type of app you require. Mobile application development platforms (MADP) will make the process of developing and deploying mobile apps much easier and more efficient.

The advantages of MADP include faster time to market, back-end integration, data and user security and manage apps better. Choosing a right MADP will impact your entire mobile strategy, time to market, type of app you selected, the systems you can integrate and more.

So, all you need is to choose the right technology and build a great app that targets your end-user.

Hope this information gives you an idea about the strategy of enterprise mobility.

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