Testing Services Offerings


Manual Testing

Manual testing plays a significant role in business-critical applications and in applications where functionalities change quite often. It is essential, as many times 100% automation is not possible in the real-time environment. In an agile methodology, manual testing gains an upper hand over automation.

Vmoksha has expertise in delivering manual functional testing across multiple domains such as Intellectual Property, Logistics, BFSI, Healthcare, Telecom, Retail, Energy and E-Learning.

We have expertise in:

  • Client Server Application Testing
  • Web Application Testing
  • Test Case preparation using testing techniques such as Equivalence Partition, Boundary value analysis and Error guessing
  • Test Strategy and Test Plan Preparation
  • Functional, Integration, System, Regression, Performance Testing
  • Defect Tracking

Automation Testing

Test automation increases the testing speed and achieves quick time-to-market. Our Test Automation strategies are designed to cover key business scenarios/functionalities. Vmoksha’s Framework and Data driven test approach enables achieving thorough product testing with a significant reduction in test cycle time.

Salient features of our Test Automation Framework:

  • Flexibility in the framework to plug-in test scripts for new tests
  • Ease of handling changes to the existing scripts
  • Ease of end-user execution by facilitating choice of scripts execution
  • Normalized scripts design leading to re-use of test scripts, reduced redundancy & effort
  • Improved test coverage, verification, and validation

Performance Testing

Vmoksha’s performance testing services are designed to meet clients’ needs at any stage of the software development lifecycle in order to identify and resolve performance issues in the application. Vmoksha has a substantial amount of performance testing expertise by having delivered services for diverse applications, technologies, and businesses using industry leading performance testing tools and by leveraging best practices followed in the industry.

Vmoksha’s performance testing goals:

  • End-to-end transaction response time measurements
  • Measure application server components performance under various loads
  • Measure database components performance under various loads
  • Monitor system resources under various loads
  • Measure the network delay between the server and clients