Infrastructure Management Services

The world over, companies are fast realizing that their interests are better served when they focus on revenue generation services while outsourcing infrastructure and its maintenance.

Your business needs stable and per-formant infrastructure that keeps pace with your growth and changing needs.

Vmoksha provides global IT Infrastructure management services implementing organizational IT strategies and managing mission

critical IT Infrastructure for global clients. Vmoksha leverages its in-depth industry and technical knowledge to help clients extract maximum value from their IT investments.

The greatest benefit Infrastructure Management Services offers is the reduction of risk related to IT failure, closely followed by cost reduction. Gartner expects the adoption of Infrastructure Management Services to be explosive. By 2012, 70% of North American will leverage some IMS for their IT.

The service delivered by Vmoksha IMS help in:

  • Maintaining stability in service operations allowing for changes in design, scale, scope, and service levels.
  • Achieving effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery and support of services ensure value for the customer and the service provider.
  • Managing the availability of services, controlling demand, optimizing capacity utilization, scheduling of operations, and fixing problems

RIM Offerings