Cloud Integration Services


But SaaS also creates the following concerns for users

  • Security/privacyconfuse
  • Stability/service levels
  • Integration
  • Incompatibility with current software
  • New/upgraded infrastructure management tools
  • Legal/jurisdictional issues
  • Business models


Confused about SaaS? Vmoksha provides Advisory services to address these concerns.

  • Vmoksha will address a comprehensive set of questions on the 3W’s “what” (strategy), “when” (timelines), and “why” (business case). A sample is provided here.
  • “What”
    • What is the economic structure of the Cloud compared to alternative funding models for technology?
    • What applications are amenable for Cloud deployment? What criteria determine the suitability?
    • How do application reliability and performance considerations play a role in determining an enterprise SaaS strategy?
    • What workload characteristics make an application suitable for SaaS implementation?
  • “When”
    • What is the schedule and plan for migrating to the proposed “to-be” SaaS state? A plan and timeline for migrating to the SaaS based on a variety of application and environment prioritisation and constraints need to be built. The plan should minimise business risks while maximising economic returns.
  • “Why”
    • What is the ROI?
    • How does it compare with a conventional setup? A clear business case for implementing and managing SaaS infrastructure is important.