Cloud Development


Application development will be a key activity for organizations that want to use Cloud Computing. Vmoksha classifies the development as follows:

  • For the SaaS— An application will be built to run in the Cloud.
  • In the SaaS—Application development will use platforms and environments that run in the Cloud.
  • For example, Integrated Development Environment (IDE) will be made available in the SaaS.


For building SaaS applications, the following are some of the questions that will be addressed:

  • What are the architecture principles for SaaS?
  • What are the design principles for SaaS?
  • How can we design, build and release for SaaS?
  • How can we use a combination of a conventional and a Cloud environment to augment the development resources?
  • What are the tools and best practices for Lifecycle Management in SaaS?
  • How can we address security, privacy, and risk management of Public Cloud applications?
  • What are the frameworks to support development in the Cloud?