Retail Merchandising System

Retail Merchandising System Overview

Retail Merchandising System (RMS) helps retailers to optimize their operations through effective management and seamless execution of processes such as purchasing, distribution, inventory and finance.

RMS is developed for a department store retailer covering end to end merchandising functionality with interfaces to front ends, Finance & BI modules for ease of information analysis. It includes Warehouse functionality & whole selling. It is built on open architecture and uses Oracle database.

Key Features / Business Modules of RMS

  • Catalog Management
  • Access Control
  • PO Management
  • Price Management
  • Promotion Management
  • Stock Transfers and Returns
  • Invoice Matching
  • Fresh foods

  • Wholesale sales
  • Sales Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Stock Take
  • Cost Management
  • Stock Planning
  • Stock Promotion Planning


  • Proven scalability for many of the largest global retailers
  • Multi-vertical, multi-country and multi format support ensures business agility
  • Data integrity improved by providing one central source for merchandising transaction information
  • Quick planning, setup, scale up and maintenance of franchisee stores across   countries
  • Ability to quickly analyze performance of individual and multiple franchisee outlets across the region.
  • Effectively perform, track, and manage business specific tasks such as catalog management, categorizing, stock in hand, stocks to be ordered, and distributing of stocks across the franchise outlets
  • Efficient tracking and management of customers, suppliers and wholesalers
  • Effective tracking of store transactions, stock takes, maintenance, and on-time replenishment of stock
  • Communicate price changes, offers, promotions and special information to customers, vendors, and suppliers instantly and with utmost ease
  • Multiple Brand Store can be handled single handedly, reduces resource cost
  • Financial statement for single or master franchise or corporate can be obtained