Vmoksha at IoT SHOW INDIA 2017 – Profit From IoT

We never miss an opportunity that can augment our business network. IoT SHOW is one such opportunity for Vmoksha to meet 3000+ delegates from IoT domain.

The event was organized at Bangalore by EFY group with the support of Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, India. It was a 3-day event, where the participants will get to see cutting-edge IoT components, solutions, and technology as well as meet engineers who create amazing products. As suggested by the tagline, “Profit From IoT,” the event benefits all the stakeholders with valuable insights gathered from the most popular vendors of IoT components that will help them in developing viable IoT solutions.

There were several seminars from industry experts, which helped us in acquiring deep-domain knowledge of IoT that aids in nurturing Vmoksha’s IoT practice with a lot of creative and innovative ideas.

Few of our favorite sessions:

  • An interesting session on “AI and Medicine,” which gave insights on current happenings in AI to deliver personalized medicine.
  • IoT forensic session focusing on IoT security, which is a key concern and revealed how other players are handling the concerns.
  • A session on edge computing (Fog Computing) was helpful.

We have also met Mr. Ganesh Shankar, CEO of FluxGen, who has established a working relation on an interesting solution called “Smart Solar panel.”

The IoT SHOW is an excellent platform for major exposure to IoT stakeholders and to interact and understand peers and prospects better.


Our Vice President and Mobility & IOT Practice Head at IoT SHOW


AAHAR – International Food & Hospitality Fair 2017


Our Vice President – Engineering, who is also the Product Head of “IonHACCP” has participated the AAHAR event on 8th & 9th March at New Delhi.

The food industry in India currently valued at US$ 39.71 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11 percent to US$65.4 billion by 2018. Knowing the importance of food industry in the near future, the India Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO) is organizing the AAHAR event every year for the worldwide Food and Hospitality merchants and sourcing experts to communicate, market, and promote their company products. It was a 5-day event where merchants can exhibit products, technologies, or services to National and International buyers and generate sales or leads.

AAHAR event helped us a lot in networking with the industry and establishing the business contacts. As IonHACCP is targeted to cater the food and hospitality compliance needs, the visit benefited us to meet the industry leaders and exchange the ideas. We had also got a chance to meet a senior executive from Cooper-Atkins Corporation, Singapore, and established a partnership between our companies. We have also found a distributor for importing various hardware devices from overseas for the IonHACCP delivery. We are ecstatic that a CEO and General Manager of a large chocolate manufacturing company has shown interest in our product and discussed the implementation of HACCP compliance monitoring system.

Overall, the event was well-organized and favored us in promoting IonHACCP.


Our Vice President with Cooper-Atkins Senior Executive


Women’s Day Celebration – 2017

International Women’s day was celebrated at Vmoksha with complete involvement of teams, HR, and management.

Do not wait for someone else to come and speak for you, It’s you who can change the world” – Malala Yousafzai

Women are an integral part of any developed society, organization or nation and at Vmoksha we witness the same.  They are moving shoulder to shoulder with their counterparts in discharging their duties with efficiency and honesty.

A special day for Women is an encouragement to the team for their relentless work both at the office and at home.  The event was marked with cake cutting, followed by games and a very hearty speech from the HR.

Our HR delivered a beautiful speech appreciating the necessity of celebrating the day and contribution made by women towards the success of the company.

I believe that if more Women lean in, we can change the power structure of our world & expand opportunities for all” – Sheryl Sandberg

That is why it was appropriate to cherish and celebrate a day dedicated to women.

Cake Cutting



Women's day celebration

IoT Bootcamp – 21st & 22nd August

Vmoksha has successfully completed another IoT Events on 21st & 22nd August in Bangalore, consists of participants from different domains such as engineering, medical sciences, and education background.

The Bootcamp includes technical leads from Persistent Systems and Accenture with 9 years & 6 years experience respectively. An Embedded Engineer from Sasken with 2 years experience, a Doctor from KLE Medical Science with 20 years, and four B.Tech students from Coimbatore have also participated.

Taking our IoT Events to the next level, we have introduced an advanced Add-on session that includes IoT & WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) module besides our regular Bootcamp sessions. This Add-on session will be delivered to the participant on an additional day or as a separate one-day session based on their preference. The Hands-on session will be performed on a Zigbee protocol using Xbee.

To register for our upcoming IoT Events in Bangalore, please check https://www.bootcamplab.com/

IoT Events participants in Bangalore




IoT Bootcamp Bangalore

UCB Delegates Visit to Vmoksha – 26th July 2016

We were very glad to host the UCB delegates, Mr. Ronny, Mr. Bill Horsburgh, and Mr. Umesh.

Mr. Bill Horsburgh – Sr. Director, Global Head of Legal and Talent, Bangalore

Mr. Umesh – Senior HR Manager, Bangalore

Mr. Ronny – Director, Center of Excellence, Bangalore

We presented the corporate overview of Vmoksha, showcased our services, capabilities and exchanged thoughts and open discussions. The discussions were held in training development, employee engagement, periodic performance evaluation, and reinforcement of monthly review meetings.

Mr. Umesh and Mr. Ronny acknowledged that Vmoksha is providing excellent staffing services with headcount increasing over the years and lesser attrition when compared to other vendors.

The delegates also interacted with our department leads and were told about our new competencies.

UCB Delegates with our CEO and HR Manager

Visit to Office

Spritle Co-Founder Visited Vmoksha Office

Balaji L, Executive Director at our partner company, Spritle Software, visited Vmoksha Technologies Bangalore office recently. Mr. Balaji interacted with Vmoksha team members on a wide-range of topics and shared thoughts on leadership, customer centricity, Agile, DevOps, and teamwork. His thoughts on software estimation and knowledge sharing among team members were particularly appreciated

Spritle Cofounder


Balaji is a seasoned professional in developing Enterprise level web applications using Ruby on Rails and mobile applications using Native Tech, Motorola RhoMobile, Apache Cordova, IBM WorkLight and HTML5. He is a Certified Scrum Master with over 15 years of experience specializing in offshore agile development.



Vmoksha and Spritle have been partners for over 4 years now. We were honoured by the presence of Mr. Balaji and would like to thank him for providing us with his valuable ideas and suggestions. We are looking forward to advancing our business relationships with friendly visits.


Convergence of Technology Professionals and Entrepreneurs at Vmoksha’s IoT Boot Camp

IoT Training Bangalore

With a profound inspiration from the first IoT boot camp, Vmoksha has successfully completed its 2nd boot camp on 21st and 22nd May 2016. The immersive two-day boot camp covered the in-depth concepts and components of an IoT ecosystem focusing more on industry relevant use cases.

The boot camp is gathered by participants from various domains, including technical professionals from VMware, a graduate from VIT, an entrepreneur from IoT domain, etc. We have received an overwhelming response from our esteemed participants.

IoT Training Bangalore



Here are few testimonials about the IoT Workshop

It was 2-day event. One of the most useful IoT training that I have attended in the recent past. The training was well-structured with a very a good amount of hands-on experience with real devices and software. A weekend well-spent. The trainer has provided us a LinkIT One kit with a lot of sensors; we compiled our Arduino sketchbooks and deployed them to the devices. Other topics that were covered are – IoT Security, Analytics that are relevant in the IoT worldWell done!

- Senior Manager, VMware

The 2 day IoT workshop conducted by vMoskha in Bangalore was an excellent program and really helped me to understand basics of IoT. The IoT workshop was very relevant to my current job and will help me a great deal in most aspects of my future work. The workshop had a good mixture of theoretical and practical sessions. Overall, the workshop was very informative and interesting.

 - Application Developer, VMware

With the growing demand for Internet of Technology, we look forward to stage IoT Boot Camp once every two weeks. We want to continue to educate the different industrial and business sectors about IoT to spread the convenience brought by this technology.


To register for our upcoming IoT Boot camp, please check https://www.bootcamplab.com/


Vmoksha’s First IoT Boot Camp

We are all excited to share that our first IoT Training conducted on 7th and 8th May 2016 was a great success.

Vmoksha’s IoT Training brought together professionals from diverse domains who are keen to have in-depth Internet of Things (IoT) knowledge. Our 2 day IoT training includes 8 sessions covering the basic architecture of IoT stack to the analytics and visualization. To provide a holistic perspective to every participant, the experts of Vmoksha have organized theory as well as hands-on sessions with a high-level of interaction.

We explain in detail about a wide range of topics, such as:

  • IoT architecture
  • Sensors and actuators
  • Connectivity technologies & communication protocols
  • Cloud, its components, and IoT
  • Design principles

We have also given a brief demo on Vmoksha’s ongoing and completed IoT projects. The hands-on sessions include use cases ranging from Smart Homes to Smart Cities using MediaTek LinkIt One Platform and AWS IoT Platform


Highlights of Hands-on IoT Training Sessions

  • Connecting different sensors to the IoT development board (LinkIt One)
  • Sending sensor data to the cloud
  • Deploying application using LinkIt One Platform on AWS IoT Platform

We were encouraged by the very positive feedback from our participants, and we are all set to organize the same once every fortnight.

To register for our upcoming IoT Boot camp, please check https://www.bootcamplab.com/

During IoT Hands-on Session

IoT Training Bangalore

Vmoksha’s Women’s Day 2016 Celebration

Since Vmoksha has always celebrated every occasion with zeal, Women’s Day is no exception. On this special occasion, the company organized recreation activities to tribute their beloved women employees while encouraging the philosophy of empowering women in every possible way.

It is a known fact that earlier days women were lagging men in workplace equality. But, things have improved greater now and today, women also been given equal importance to their dreams, passions and aspirations. The Women’s Day celebration at Vmoksha is one example that shows how it truly values the women who work here.

The highlights of the event include valuable appreciation messages, a cake to mark the celebration, and a fun filled environment. The whole event is packed with joyful and warm atmosphere making women feel pampered and cherished whereas men are envisioning Men’s Day celebrations.

A few clicks during the event

Women's Day Celebration

Women's Day Celebration

Women's Day Celebration

BSI Auditors Visit at Vmoksha Technologies

British Standards Institution (BSI) conducted Re-certification audit on the January 13th and January 14th, 2016, at Vmoksha Technologies, Bangalore. On January 13th, 2016, the audit started with the introduction of multiple stakeholders, department heads, and project leads.

Session 1

The session started with a welcome note and introduction by BSI auditors along with one-to-one discussion with Vmoksha management about Vmoksha’s Vision, Mission, Business and Strategic Plans

During the first session, the auditors reviewed the defined scope in ISMS manual and proceeded with findings apprehended in the previous year audit. On assessment, the auditors compiled that Vmoksha Technologies had adhered to the clauses as per the ISMS manual.

Further-to, a BSI team member, visited the floor to conduct audits for HR, Finance, and Admin facilities, and another team leader audited IS team for compliances and guided IS team on improvising from information security perspective. The session was closed for the day on a brief note with itinerary prepared for January 14th, 2016.

Session 2

On the second day, January 14th, 2016, the Presales business unit and few projects have been audited. On the conclusion note, the auditors shared their observations with the stakeholders and complimented Vmoksha’s positive work culture and adherence to the compliance driven process.

Audit Process

The auditors commended the stakeholders on recertifying for ISO27001:2013 with the certification valid for three years.




The re-certification audit conducted by BSI was on par with excellence paying the way for new businesses, improvise on performance, reduce risk and achieve greater and substantial growth for Vmoksha Technologies stakeholders.