Zapier – Superpower App to Automate Workflows

Zapier is a business automation tool that allows multiple business apps to speak to each other. It is majorly focused on business needs enabling users to repeat the tasks and automate them between different applications. For example, between gmail and mail gun, hot mail and mail chimp, etc.

Zapier is an enormous time saver with handy integrations just like Connect Your Apps and Automate Workflows. Zapier moves information between your web applications automatically so that you can focus on your most important work.


Zapier Apps


How to integrate apps in Zapier?

Zapier consists 101 apps, which we can integrate or connect to each other for repeated task automation/ transfer of information.

integrate Zapier apps


Note: Every task you automate is called as zap.

Now select the apps that you want to automate. Here, I am trying to automate tasks between Gmail and Google tasks. I’ve just selected both the apps and Zapier suggests me what are the workflows available for automation.

Zapier workflows


Select the desired integration

Zapier API


Click on “Use this Zap”

Zapier Apps


Click on “Use this Zap”

Now, Zapier will load the workflow details and the actual integration between applications will start.

Zapier Integrations


Just select the option “Email Matching search” and click on continue



Select the Gmail Account to Authorise and Test the account (You can add multiple accounts also).

Click on “Save +Continue”

Zapier Apps


Mention the subject or from address or label that you prefer while filtering emails and creating tasks.

For example: from:amy OR from:david or subject:dinner label:my-family
Click on “Continue”

Zapier API

Cross-check the details and click onFetch and Continue

Zapier Automate Workflows


Click on “Continue” and complete the Gmail integration part.

Google Tasks Integration:

Zapier API


Select Create Task and click on “Continue”

Zapier Workflow Automation


Add your Google account (it can be the same Google account or different)

Click on “Save + Continue”

Zapier Integrations


Arrange the tasks based on your subject, content, and label body. This was the real tricky part of organizing your tasks. You need to identify the pattern of your emails and set accordingly.

Zapier Apps


“Click on Continue”

Zapier Workflows


Finalize task details. Click on “Create & Continue” or “Skip test & continue”

Note: Sometimes it fails throwing 400 error. Just try again with a proper request.

Zapier premium apps


Click on “Continue”

You’re done with the Zapier…

Zapier Apps


Navigate to Dashboard: You will see your Zap there. Turn on or off based on your requirement.


Now, it’s time for testing your zap!

Send a mail with the similar template that you have set as a key in your zap.

Zapier Workflows


Now open your target mail id and check whether you have received the mail.

Zapier Automated Workflows


Important: For free account, there are some limitations.

Zapier takes about 5 min to add the content to Google tasks. Wait for 5 min and open Google tasks to check it.

Zapier Apps



Here we go. Zapier added the mail to Google tasks.

In the same way, we can integrate many applications and design workflows. Zapier has free and premium plans enabled with specific features. So, choose a plan that best suits your business needs.

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Uday Kiran is an Senior software engineer at Vmoksha Technologies. He is passionate about exploring new automation technologies for cloud,mobile and web application . He loves reading novels, traveling, and trekking. He has done Master's at Andhra University.

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