Why Vmoksha Switched to MailChimp for Internal Corporate Communications?

Like all Marketers, Vmoksha has become aware of Mailchimp through its high reputation in providing Email Marketing services to clients worldwide. Mailchimp is regarded as one of the top players in Email Marketing services and is a secure platform that allows you to send marketing emails, automated messages, and targeted campaigns. Mailchimp user experience was so great that we familiarized with the tool and conducted campaigns for our clients in no time. The tool helped us to create newsletter designs for our clients and also automate the emailing process, helping us convey the right message for our clients at the right time.

Impressed with the outcome of our campaigns, our management came up with this idea “Why don’t we use it for our internal corporate communications as well?’’

At that point of time, Vmoksha depended on Google Mail Services (Gmail) to send any communication internally, be it New Joinee information, Wishes for Birthdays and Special Occasion, Holidays, Product Launch or other vital information. We sent these emails through a group with all Email IDs of our employees and named it Vcommunique. We follow an approval procedure for Vcommunique requests through our internal ERP and once approved the content is posted in the mail body of Gmail (platform) and sent. There was no option for us to design the template or track the emails sent. Gmail Platform was reliable, but tracking, analytics, and reports on emails sent were not available, at least yet. We moved soon to Mailchimp and are happy that we did because the capabilities and potential of this tool were beyond our imagination. The basic plan has most features suitable for internal communications.

Let’s see how we made the most of this tool.

How Mailchimp transformed our business?

Email Templates

Designing an email template on Mailchimp is complacent than ever before. The wide ranges of themes available and the options to design our own template with images and CTA buttons helped us in reaching our employees with the most alluring design templates that probably increased our number of views than earlier. Thanks to MailChimp! Now our internal newsletters are a way appealing. Here is a template designed for one of our product launches.


Email Tracking

While using Gmail we were not sure of how many opened, read, and subscribed to emails. Again, Mailchimp helped us in tracking details of particular campaigns in the means of delivery status, how many opened, subscribed, click rates, click maps, etc. The tool also allows us to capture geographical information of recipients who opened the mail, as well as the bounced email details.

Mailchimp Campaign


Mailchimp provides detailed reports of campaigns such as number of recipients, delivered date, bounced, open, clicked, unsubscribed, last opened, forwarded, etc. From the reports, we can understand the top clicked URLs, top opened locations, most opened subscribers, and social shares. The tool also has provision to print, email, download or share these reports, allowing reports and statistics to be communicated quickly. The generated reports help us in understanding the enhancements needed to achieve our goals.

Mailchimp Reports


Automation/Scheduling Emails

MailChimp automation allows us to create a targeted series of emails that will be automatically sent when triggered by a specific date, event, or subscriber’s activity. This feature saves us huge amount of time and efforts for sending out recurring or periodical emails. Also, if a particular mail has to be sent during a specific time of the day, Mailchimp will allow us to schedule it.

Dashboard View

The Dashboard view of Mailchimp is very informative as it gives us an overview of the Overall audience for our campaigns in terms of Subscriptions, Bounces, Unsubscriptions, Subscriber growth, and Subscriber sources.

Mailchimp Graphs

Graphs Mailchimp

Dashboard also features Overall campaign Engagement by representing Total Mails Delivered, Opened and Clicked data graphically. It helps us understand our overall campaign details for the past week, a month or even a year.


Mailchimp can be integrated with numerous applications like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, SalesforceCRM, SugarCRM, Drupal, Analytics and much more, allowing to get leads and share and to track our efforts.

Integrations Mailchimp

These are just a few of our favorite features of MailChimp. It has the power to personalize and automate the marketing and is one of the simplest and easiest ways for better internal corporate communication.


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