Vmoksha’s Women’s Day 2016 Celebration

Since Vmoksha has always celebrated every occasion with zeal, Women’s Day is no exception. On this special occasion, the company organized recreation activities to tribute their beloved women employees while encouraging the philosophy of empowering women in every possible way.

It is a known fact that earlier days women were lagging men in workplace equality. But, things have improved greater now and today, women also been given equal importance to their dreams, passions and aspirations. The Women’s Day celebration at Vmoksha is one example that shows how it truly values the women who work here.

The highlights of the event include valuable appreciation messages, a cake to mark the celebration, and a fun filled environment. The whole event is packed with joyful and warm atmosphere making women feel pampered and cherished whereas men are envisioning Men’s Day celebrations.

A few clicks during the event

Women's Day Celebration

Women's Day Celebration

Women's Day Celebration


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