Vmoksha Maintains Brand Consistency through Social Media

Social media has taken different forms and is managed to play a significant role in empowering the brand identity. Therefore, most of the companies are utilizing the diversity of social media platforms to maintain their brand consistency. Vmoksha is one of those companies, which implemented successful social media strategy for consistent brand identity. However, to continue our brand uniqueness we have revamped our social network profiles with new strategies.

Let’s have a look at how we executed social media for our business with these simple strategies. Maybe this would be helpful to your business too.

Multiple Platforms

Our business is not restricted to one platform. We have placed our business on multiple social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. We also exposed our business through business pages in Facebook and LinkedIn. This helps us in going viral and reaching a large number of users.

Familiar Look

The look and feel of social profiles is the most important thing to attract and sustain users. For all of our profiles, our designer has created various elegant cover photo images that are relevant to our business processes. This gives a new and fresh look to our profiles. Each of the social networks has a different layout. So, make sure the image suits your profile layout.

social branding


Social Media Branding

Business Exposure

The profile pages of the social networks enable to expose your business through short and long descriptions. We have presented in detail about our website and services with fresh content and also linked our website to our social pages. We also provided the contact information to reach us for customer business needs.

Brand Consistency

Business Exposure

Regular Posts

Consistent brand identity requires consistent posting habits. We do postings every day on all our social platforms. We have also joined several groups related to our business through our user accounts and post regularly on all the groups. This helps us to get more likes and shares for our posts from different sources.

Regular Posts

Device Compatibility

Users can check updates and profile from any device. So, make sure whether the profiles cover photo images and the content placed is compatible with the mobile and iPad devices.

iPad Version

Device Compatibility

iPhone 6 Version

Brand Consistency

Brand Consistency Device Compatibility


So, concentrating on these basic points will help to increase your brand identity. Hope, these simple social media strategies will assist to maintain your brand consistency too.

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