Vmoksha Donated Rs 30,000 for TN Flood Relief

Vmoksha has been actively involved in corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities since its inception. Our CSR is as unique as our business model. We firmly believe that the best way to help society is to make people self-reliant.

It is an undeniable fact that the unprecedented rains whipped Chennai and parts of coastal Tamil Nadu and had brought untold miseries to the people. In many areas of TN, houses were submerged in flood waters, and all the belongings of the people were completely destroyed. As Vmoksha has always been in the forefront to assist the people who affected by natural disasters, we have pledged Rs 30,000 in order to alleviate the sufferings of the people in few parts of the TN. All the Vmokshaites have generously responded and offered funds for rescue and relief operations. The donation has helped in procuring provision material to aid relief efforts in few areas of Cuddalore district.

Apart from raising funds, a group of Vmokshaites went to Cuddalore district and provisioned the affected people with Saree, Bed sheet, Mosquito nets, Rice, Dhal, Biscuit, and Water bottles in Nellikuppam, Kamaraj Nagar, and Jeeva Nagar areas. In addition, they have also organized Medical Camp for the people located in Kamaraj Nagar.

The contribution is meant to help at least few families by providing relief to victims of the flood and trying to resettling them as soon as possible.

Provisional material for relief operations

Chennai Flood Relief

While distributing the provisions

Chennai Flood Relief

Vmokshaites in Cuddalore

Chennai Flood Relief


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