UCB Visit to Vmoksha – 12th March 2015

 Vmoksha got an opportunity to host a meeting for delegates from UCB.

Guests from UCB

Mr. Didier Generet         – Vice President, Global Infrastructure, UCB Brussels

Mr. Ronny Schrijvers     – Head of India Centre of Excellence, UCB Bangalore


Hosts from Vmoksha

Mr. Anoop Sathyavan    – CEO India, Vmoksha

Mr. Sundarvadivel         – Delivery Head, Vmoksha

Mr. Ramji Ghodke         – Business Development Manager, Vmoksha


On arrival, they were greeted by the hosts. We presented an overview of Vmoksha, showcased our new capabilities, provided updates, reviewed our engagement, exchanged thoughts and had constructive and open discussions.

We also showed UCB’s dedicated DR site, took them around and showed our office, introduced them to respective department heads, showcased our mobility capabilities & our IOT applications that were developed by Vmoksha for UCB and other customers. They had interactive sessions with some teams and also got hands-on experience on some of the apps.

Some Memorable Moments


Group Snap with UCB’s delegates with Vmoksha’s Office in the BackgroundGroup Snap with UCB’s delegates with Vmoksha’s Office in the Background

Left to Right – Ramji, Ronny, Sundar, Didier, Anoop

Lunch @ The Boozy Griffin, KoramangalaLunch @ The Boozy Griffin, Koramangala

Even though UCB delegates were on a tight schedule, they were kind enough to accompany us for lunch. They liked the ambience, music, food and everything about the restaurant. On a lighter note, they were mentioning that they would like to come back to this place in near future.

At the end of the day, the UCB delegates were impressed with the overall experience and the quality time spent with Vmoksha during their visit.



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