ISO 27001 Surveillance Audit – 19 Mar 2015

Vmoksha Technologies undertook the ISO27001:2005 Surveillance Audit on 19th March 2015. The audit started with an opening meeting attended by multiple stakeholders –

Mr. Nagendra Venkobarao, Team Leader, BSI

Mr. Nanjappa, Team Member, BSI

Mr. Manigandan Narashimman, Chief Security Officer, Vmoksha India

Mr. Anoop Sathyavan, CEO, Vmoksha India

In addition to these attendees, we also had heads of all departments & few projects representing themselves as auditees for their respective areas. The auditors shared information on BSI, their plans and how they will conduct the audit.

The auditors then began with the auditing process. They initially had a discussion with Mr. Anoop who represented the management. He shared with the auditors, Vmoksha’s vision, business & strategic plans for the future.

The auditors then reviewed all findings that were captured during the previous year’s audit. They confirmed that all items were addressed completely. Further to this, Mr. Nanjappa went for a tour of the office by visiting the Admin, Security and HR departments along with 2 sample projects. Mr. Nagendra audited the ISMS Framework, IS and Finance departments and shared his valuable feedback. During the auditing process they also guided us on how to improve our process, documentation and secure department / project data. The auditors also shared some best practices that they have collected during their audits with other firms.

The audit was successfully concluded with a feedback session with all the stakeholders in the closing meeting.  The auditors appreciated Vmoksha’s positive work culture and compliance driven process. They were also satisfied by the continuous improvement made by all the departments in the adherence to the ISO standards. They informed us to get certified for the new version and for appropriate stakeholders to undergo the Lead Implementer training. They also expressed their willingness to help us connect with potential partners & customers relevant to our capabilities and market needs.

The Auditors mentioned that they would recommend to BSI for the continuation of Vmoksha’s certification until August 2015, after which an upgrade in certification i.e. ISO27001:2013 will be required. They appreciated the arrangements and hospitality provided.

Vmoksha Team along with Auditors from BSI


The overall experience with the auditors and stakeholders was very pleasant and informative. Vmoksha has committed to adhere to the best practices in the industry and continuously add value to the projects and its customers.


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