How to generate random, realistic & reliable data for your application?

The most crucial part of the application development process is generating larger amounts of test data that resembles production environment. Because, in production, it may end up messier when a number of users knocking the app and filling the database with data. Therefore, it is challenging and needs extensive knowledge to overcome the issues with random data generation. However, advanced tools like Mockaroo will help solve the data generation problems efficiently.

Find out briefly what the challenges in the development process are and how to combat these challenges using Mockaroo.

Challenges in Application Development, Testing and Actual Deployment: 

  • Quick generation of abundant, reliable and realistic data
  • Lot of manual efforts for test engineers in populating test data and avoiding repetitive test data
  • Requires support for multiple data types (mail address, street address, Bitcoin Address, Blank, Null, country, currency, date, sequence, GUID, various versions of name including European and Chinese, lat / long, etc.) to load test data
  • Generating realistic data in multiple formats (CSV, JSON, SQL and Excel Formats, etc.)
  • Needs to load realistic data promptly without any programming skills



Mockaroo is the best tool that fits profoundly to address these challenges. It is a realistic test data generator that lets you generate up to 1000 rows in SQL, CSV, JSON and Excel formats. To extent this data limit, one can choose from their range of pricing plans.

It supports 74 different data types, where each type provides relevant sample data that is used to populate the field.

data types

Testing realistic data has two distinct advantages:

  1. It mimics the production environment and allows you identify the challenges you may face in real-time and thus helping to make it more robust.
  2. While demonstrating the app features to other users, realistic data makes it easier and quicker to understand.

Using Mockaroo will help you allay from technical aspects of testing such as learning mock data libraries, performing stress testing, etc. You can focus more on the application development, and leave the rest to this unique tool. It allows downloading higher amounts of randomly generated test data based on your specifications, and let you upload the data into the test environment using CSV or SQL formats with no programming.

How it Works:

Step 1: Go to Mocakroo official website

Step 2: Open your Table Schema

table schema


Step 3: Enter Field Name and Type similar to your Table Schema.

field name


Step 4: Enter value for Rows i.e. how many records you want to generate. Select output formats like JSON, SQL, Excel or CSV. You can either download or preview your data. Data preview will be displayed like this

code preview


Step 5 (Optional): It also provides a REST API GET method through which you can download your data programmatically.

Mockaroo is an outstanding tool in the application development process for those who want quick and efficient random data generation.

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