How Long Does SEO Take For Lead Generation?

When a client approaches us for Digital Marketing service, the first question we get is “How long will it take for my website to get ranked #1?” The answer is not so simple because the search engines change often. Let’s explore the actual reasons behind our answer.

Search Rankings and Outcomes

Search Engine Ranking plays a major role when you want to develop sales pipeline.  It increases your visibility to your targeted audience and helps develop potential sales leads. Ranking depends on various factors such as when did the website launched, how much SEO activity you did previously, how much content is there in the website, how many index pages are there on the website and most importantly the keywords used.

However, every entrepreneur wants outcomes rather than outputs. Ranking higher is the output; increase in the leads and sales is the outcome. So, consider hiring an SEO firm that not only focuses on outputs but also emphasizes outcomes.

SEO Lead Generation

How Long Does SEO Take to Start Working?

Obviously, every business owner will be excited to know when they can get leads and sales after initiating the digital marketing. But, the truth is, immediate results are hardly possible in digital marketing. However, effective targeting through on-page changes will make an impact on your sales swiftly.

Effective On-page changes

There are several factors through which you can make your On-page strong:


  • Title tag must contain the search keyword
  • Enter an adequate amount of keywords in description
  • One keyword is supposed to be there in the first sentence
  • Minimum one keyword in the last sentence
  • Internal link to your other web pages
  • H1, H2, H3 tag must contain the search keyword
  • Have your keyword Bold and Italic in the description


  • Don’t put company name in title tag
  • Don’t allow any external link to your site
  • Don’t make your keyword underline in body part

Let’s come to the real picture: When do you get your return on investment?

If you start link building now, you will see results in 10 weeks or before that?

Unfortunately, no. Each step will take a varying amount of time based on your website as well as the resources you have. Based on my research knowledge, I have estimated time constraints for the steps you have to follow.

  • 1-2 months: Finding an appropriate link building agency, who have been working with same vertical or else find an in-house link builder team.
  • 1 month: Create an effective link building strategy and make changes to your On-page as per your requirement.
  • 1-3 months: Find the potential sites to target, and bait those backlinks to that content.
  • 3 weeks – 1 Month: Execute! The 6 best ways to get high-quality backlinks are Social Bookmarking, Directory Submission, Forum Posting, Social Media Website, Web 2.0 posting and photo& video promotion.
  • 1 month-10 weeks: Wait for the posted links to take effect. Don’t do anything with the posted links at least for 10 weeks, because the effect will continue to grow beyond that.

All in all, it means that it may take 6 months–10 months to convert your effort into the result.

Here comes to our final challenge.

How Long Does SEO Take For Lead Generation?

After 6 months of efforts, you can see your website in #1 or #2 pages of Google search engine, Bing, etc. Lead generation majorly depends on the results we achieved in search engine rankings. As long as your website has higher search engine rankings you have a chance to get 45-50% leads. However, considering these 5 elements will also increase your leads and, obviously, your revenue.

5 Major Factors to increase your leads and revenue

Factors to increase leads

  • Targeted Traffic: Using strong keywords in title and description will allow you to get identified when your users are searching for a similar keyword. If you display the product or service with the keyword what your users are searching, his chances of clicking on your link are high.
  • Long term Positioning: Long term positioning of the website in #1 page will definitely increase your productivity in terms of Branding and Lead Generation. So, focusing on your search ranking will increase your leads and also reduce the necessity for paid ads.
  • Position Yourself as an Expert: The expertise of your firm and your competitors may be the same. So, to stand out from the competitors, position yourself as an expert to your prospects by demonstrating the reasons to contact you.
  • Higher Customer Engagement: Direct engagement with customers through live chat, forums, etc. results in better word-of-mouth and more leads.
  • Wider Presence: Build a wider presence for your website through social media engagement. Social media platforms are dominant authorities that determine the relevancy of your website and help to sustain your website ranking in the long term.


SEO is one of the best marketing tactics for higher ROIs. An effective search marketing strategy will have the reliability to render greater ROI by converting visitors into qualified leads. So, hire an SEO firm who can promote your products or services with proven SEO strategies.

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Alagappan Narayanan is an Associate software engineer at Vmoksha Technologies. He is passionate about exploring new automation technologies for mobile and web application testing. He loves reading novels, traveling, and trekking. He has done Master's in Computer Application at Bharathidasan University.

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