How important is it for a business to have an online presence?

In this digital age, the Internet has profoundly altered the way we do business. This is because most of the people prefer simple and appropriate ways to buy or get a service done.

According to a study, more than 88% of all Internet users search for products, services, and websites, using search engines and online directories. So, if you want to be recognized by those 88% customers, get your business online today.

Importance of Online Presence for a Business

Digital Marketing has enabled drastic ways to reach a maximum number of customers and to convert those visitors into leads. Hence, whether it is small scale or an MNC having well-defined space on the web is essential to experience significant gains. Check-out few reasons why your business needs an internet presence.

Importance of digital marketing

Greater Exposure

Web presence helps your business go beyond the boundaries and showcase you anywhere in the world with one marketing campaign. It allows you to find new trends and markets that increase your exposure and acquires potential customers

Reduced Cost

Online marketing is more cost-effective when compared to traditional marketing methods. A real strategy with targeted digital marketing campaign will reach right customers at lower costs.

Real-time Results

With online marketing, measuring the success of your business is easy. Real-time results of the number of visitors, conversions, downloads, leads and sales can be viewed with just one click.

Brand Development

A well-organized website with quality content that target the needs of customers will add significant value to your brand and generates leads for your business.

Higher Revenues

With greater exposure, fewer costs, and more leads any business can reap maximum benefits and generate higher revenues in digital marketing.


How to Improve your Online Presence?

There are different ways to optimize one’s online presence. Be it an Individual or an Organization, building an online presence requires:

A Website that is accessible and functioning 24 x 7

Websites are becoming a widely accepted scenario, which gains brand’s reputation and revenue. To persuade a customer, it is imperative that your site must be available anytime. Hence, it is necessary to monitor your website constantly to check the availability and functioning of the website. The products, content, and services placed on the website should be able to access efficiently by customers.

Social Media Optimization

Social media sites like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc., help your business go viral at lower costs. It is one of the best ways to nourish your interaction with existing customers and to acquire new customers. Every image, video, or blog post you share will increase the likelihood of an eventual conversion. Also, adding social media share buttons on your website, emails, etc., will enable your content to be shared more quickly. Therefore, create profiles in all the leading social media platforms and start your activities. Make sure you update your social media profiles every day as customers always look for fresh, vibrant and unique posts.


Blogging on your company’s website is the best possible way to differentiate yourself from the competitors. It makes a huge difference in search visibility, leads and sales. It increases search engine traffic, customer trust, and helps convert that traffic into leads. It gives a unique opportunity to share your voice and to increase your brand’s likability. Blogging helps in delivering valuable content to customers by posting write-ups or articles related to your business.


How to monetize your website?

To monetize your website, generating traffic is the most effective way. The more traffic you generate, the more likely you make sales. In digital marketing, there are a vast number of ways to generate traffic. Few most important ways are:

Search Engine Marketing

80% of customers do ample research before making a significant purchase decision, according to Digital Marketing Philippines. Henceforth, in order to make a customer reach your website, optimizing your search engine is crucial. Customers will come to your site through search results.

Optimizing company’s on-page factors like Meta tags, Meta Description, Title and Alt images by adding keywords, sitemaps, social bookmarking, and targeted content will list your website in top search results. Pay per Click or other paid advertising campaigns can also get more internet users to your company’s site.

Social Media Advertising

Social Media platforms are helping businesses to gain more customers by allowing them to place ads on these platforms. For example, Facebook ads help companies to target a specific group of customers by specifying the demographic and geographic characteristics while creating ad campaigns. Twitter also has Twitter Ads, through which companies can outgrow their reach. Twitter hashtags and mentions help firms to maintain a close relation with customers.


Today most of the customers access the internet from their mobile devices. Design a website that is compatible with all the devices and ensure that they get the same experience of viewing and functionalities while accessing through other devices.

Email Marketing

Email marketing helps to deliver a message to customer’s personal email. Email Marketing is very much essential as it gives a feel of individual and personal communication with the sender and receiver. Tools like Mail-chimp are widely used by enterprises to send bulk emails to people all over the world.

So, prepare your business for the future with appropriate strategies. In digital marketing, as long as you strategically invest, you will see significant gains.

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    I find with the type of business that i run that its very important to rank your website in Google. In turn this will bring about higher revenues and more clients to your business, Having an online presence is probably one of the most important things for businesses looking to generate an online marketplace.

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    Digital Marketing has enabled drastic ways to reach a maximum number of customers and to convert those visitors into leads. Hence, whether it is small scale or an MNC having well-defined space on the web is essential to experience significant gains. Check-out few reasons why your business needs an internet presence.

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    Business which don’t establish and maintain online presence are invisible. In order to draw market’s attention you need to be in eyes of intended crowd. To attain that you need to maintain your presence on several popular social networking sites.

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