How does an enterprise benefit by moving to the cloud?

The cloud spreads every day, with a number of customers either storing their data or utilizing its features. It has become a source for many entrepreneurs in providing practical IT solutions to their businesses.

Cloud computing purely targets on cost-effective solutions and is a significant promoter of the modern digital economy by enabling leading companies to innovate, operate and conduct business more promptly and efficiently. However, the cloud is more than just delivering cost-effective solutions.

cloud computing

Read on to know in detail how moving your business to cloud computing will reap benefits to your organization.

Cloud Computing

Reduce Infrastructure Costs

Moving your business to cloud computing will reduce your infrastructure management costs. The cloud will help eliminate servers, data storage, management, IT personnel, bandwidth, real estate and power. Cloud also controls the expenses associated with hardware and software upgrades and the replacement of obsolete network and security devices.

Capacity and Scalability

Cloud subscribers need not purchase more computing capacity than its adequacy because the cloud is exponentially scalable. Cloud computing facilitates the business to increase their capacity during the peak time and ramp down to relevant levels during other low usage times.

Cloud can stretch or shrink according to the varying needs; hence enterprises no longer have to invest time in purchasing and installing expensive software, hardware, and other resources for an expansion of existing services.

Refresh Aging Infrastructure

Cloud computing provides you the ability to refresh aging infrastructure, which can enhance capabilities and performances while increasing efficiencies and reducing costs. Upgrade in performance and efficiency helps lower the operational and maintenance costs, which in turn improves productivity, product innovation, and customer service.

New infrastructure helps your business run successfully and moves it into high gear.

Support New Business Opportunities

It will support mid-size business to benefit more as they can utilize cloud computing to access solutions such as analytics which are more expensive to implement in-house.

It is an economical way to support new IT services and more users. It delivers innovative services that come along with high-performing infrastructure that helps your business to grow successfully.

Business Continuity

Protecting your assets and data is the core of your business continuity planning. Cloud ensures the data recovery plan after any unexpected situations such as natural disaster, power failure, etc. It helps to access your data faster and allows you to run the business regularly, minimizing any loss of productivity.

Increased Collaboration

Collaboration through cloud provides your business the ability to communicate more easily and share documents from anywhere. You can give access to one file at a time to different people at different locations through cloud computing. It will be easy to share your files with your advisers (e.g. a secure way to share accounting documents with an accountant or financial advisor).

Cloud computing is a proven way of saving your money, data, and time.

Vmoksha Cloud Solutions

We provide cloud computing services in Software as a Service (SaaS) segment and deliver smart IT solutions. Our solutions in SaaS have the following benefits:

  • Low capital requirements
  • Quicker startup
  • Scale on demand
  • Easier maintenance / instant software updates
  • Improved performance
  • Increased data reliability
  • Easier mobility and scalability
  • Go-live faster with short time-to-value interval can be realized

Vmoksha believes cloud computing is a prime factor for delivering business value to enterprises in many new and dynamic ways.

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    Great article, to the point! Cloud is the future of business in terms of data storage, phones, security, disaster recovery and anything else. The lowering of infrastructure costs and easy accessibility are by far the major reasons of switching to the cloud.

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