Does your web design meet both your business needs and user expectations?

“First impression is nearly everything” Likewise, “An elucidative website will promote your business 24 x 7″ Therefore, it is extremely crucial to design a website that meets your business needs and your user’s expectations.


Evaluating the quality of a web design is the most important process for any organization, as a good website will severely impact the traffic and also your existing and potential customers. A good web design should consist of good content with attractive features.


Most designers will not consider websites to be visually animating, but rather focus on making it only functional such as reservations, finding information or to just keep in touch with contacts. Thus, they evaluate the success of the website based on its effectiveness in delivering information alone.


But that’s not the case, as the quality of a web design depends mainly on the degree of satisfaction of the user. Hence, to ensure highly satisfied user audience, it is necessary to improve the accessibility, usability and pleasure provided by the collaboration between the user and the product.


If you are creating a website that makes your business run, then you need to evaluate the web design from a business point of view keeping in mind that – relying on a business strategy alone is dangerous.


Let’s have a look at some of the important features that are required to design a good quality website such that it satisfies both your business and user expectations:

  • Simplified design documentation
  • Avoiding unnecessary service / product features
  • Improved usability of the system
  • Incorporating business and marketing goals
  • Ease of web navigation
  • Accuracy and clarity of the content



Various phases of web designing:


Designing a fascinating website requires a discriminating strategy and a process that includes different phases to help achieve the organization goals. The various phases of web designing that helps you to deliver a better output are as follows:


Project Goals – Summarize the project goals of the site, identify the key competitors and understand the target audience needs


Project Planning - Outline a plan with the information gathered from the organization, and obtain an idea of the technologies to be applied


Site Architecture - Creating a sitemap and wireframes will ensure the navigation structure of the site and detailed view of the content on the page respectively


Visual Design – Design mockups in photoshop for easy modification and get a review from client or contractor


Development - Load new content, create slideshows, podcasts, videos and other media and build the HTML and CSS of the site


Test & Verify – Place the site on a server where only the internal audience can view the site and make sure everything is working before it goes live


Launch - Launch the site for public reviewing and obtain feedback from users. Make rapid corrections to the site if any


Post-Launch – Keep the site updated with new contents, fix broken links, make changes in the backend as and when necessary.


There are many websites that are built on the concept of what the market demands with current trends and features. So to compete with the current marketing, it is necessary to keep updated with new trends and new designs that are attractive and informative. You should evaluate the quality of work with what the user expects and what the market demands.


The goal is to evaluate the quality of your web design on the basis of user expectations with attractive features and business perspective with sufficient information that helps the customer to solve his or her needs.


Vmoksha has experience in delivering creative web designs and web development using a wide range of technologies with rich user experience in a variety of platforms such as mobile, tablets, desktops, etc.


Vmoksha’s design perspective & process ensures:


  • Look and feel of your website that implies professional, impressive and classy look
  • Technical and performance considerations such as easy to use programming technology, avoiding too many graphics for faster loading of the site, etc.
  • Information architecture which improves the usability and find-ability


Outsource your website design to Vmoksha, if you want to excel on the web as we can deliver innovative web solutions that help rapidly increase your business portfolio.


About Sumanth Reddy

Sumanth is a design enthusiast who has expertise in creating websites that are appreciated by clients. With over 10 years of experience as a creative designer, he delivers rich User Interface designs. Besides designing, he enjoys exploring new places and capture the beauty in nature.

2 comments on “Does your web design meet both your business needs and user expectations?

  1. Shrestha Tripathi

    Great article !! Its very important that it does as both are required for successful website both in terms of profit and user preference.

  2. Varsity23

    Sometimes it makes some confusion between business needs and user expectations. We have to choose a way to get solved this problem anyway.

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