Convergence of Technology Professionals and Entrepreneurs at Vmoksha’s IoT Boot Camp

IoT Training Bangalore

With a profound inspiration from the first IoT boot camp, Vmoksha has successfully completed its 2nd boot camp on 21st and 22nd May 2016. The immersive two-day boot camp covered the in-depth concepts and components of an IoT ecosystem focusing more on industry relevant use cases.

The boot camp is gathered by participants from various domains, including technical professionals from VMware, a graduate from VIT, an entrepreneur from IoT domain, etc. We have received an overwhelming response from our esteemed participants.

IoT Training Bangalore



Here are few testimonials about the IoT Workshop

It was 2-day event. One of the most useful IoT training that I have attended in the recent past. The training was well-structured with a very a good amount of hands-on experience with real devices and software. A weekend well-spent. The trainer has provided us a LinkIT One kit with a lot of sensors; we compiled our Arduino sketchbooks and deployed them to the devices. Other topics that were covered are – IoT Security, Analytics that are relevant in the IoT worldWell done!

- Senior Manager, VMware

The 2 day IoT workshop conducted by vMoskha in Bangalore was an excellent program and really helped me to understand basics of IoT. The IoT workshop was very relevant to my current job and will help me a great deal in most aspects of my future work. The workshop had a good mixture of theoretical and practical sessions. Overall, the workshop was very informative and interesting.

 - Application Developer, VMware

With the growing demand for Internet of Technology, we look forward to stage IoT Boot Camp once every two weeks. We want to continue to educate the different industrial and business sectors about IoT to spread the convenience brought by this technology.


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