Challenges without External Hardware

With the world moving towards Mobility, there are umpteen applications available in the market to capture data. However, businesses have to still largely depend on external hardware scanners to capture data related to identity. Recently, at Vmoksha we developed an application that required barcode scanner integrations. We decided to develop the application using in-app barcode scanners and initiated the project.

Let’s discuss some of the challenges we faced while using the in-app barcode scanners.

in-app barcode scanner


Barcode-scanning applications on mobile devices rely on “display aiming,” which requires a user to find the barcode when it appears on a device screen; align the barcode with a virtual aimer, and keep still long enough for the device to focus, capture, and decode the barcode. This can delay the time taken to decode.

Integration with internal applications

Integration of application with available barcode readers can be tricky especially when customization is required. We tried integrating barcode readers in the app, where a front camera is needed for scanning. Initially, it was difficult to find readers that allow reading barcode from the front camera; but to achieve the required response time was a roadblock due to the quality of the front camera.

Quality of barcode

Almost all the in-app barcode readers fail when the barcode is damaged or distorted. The quality of the barcode degrades as the product moves along the operations or due to wear and tear. The risk of no reads can be reduced with some of the external barcode scanners, which are equipped to read the damaged barcodes.

User Experience

The speed of delivery and ease of use plays a very important role in user experience.

The above-discussed issues will impact the acceptance of the application by the customer. In-app readers would be a good choice from cosmetic aspect but external hardware scanners that can be seamlessly integrated with the application and with better speed are still better suited to bring about positive user experience. Hence, eventually, we delivered the project using external hardware scanners and successfully implemented at the client side.


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