Celebrating the success of delivering mobility projects

“The recipe for success is to think smart, work hard and achieve customer satisfaction.” This is what we believe and follow to achieve success at Vmoksha.

Just like every project, we achieved success in delivering multiple mobility projects too. Appreciating the hard work and dedication of the team, Vmoksha thought it is a moment worthy of a special celebration. As food is always a popular way to memorialize an occasion, Vmoksha has arranged for a team lunch for the mobility team.

Though our team was occupied with new projects, we all took part for the lunch. We enjoyed our moments with music, lots of food and loads of fun. The combination of delicious food and light music gratified our moments with pleasure and fun.

This small gathering brings fresh energy in the team and that is what the true reason behind this get-together.

Check out the photos that were captured during our lunch!

during our lunch

Our Groufie!

Our Groufie!

After a Big Lunch

After a Big Lunch



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