App Landing Page is the Key Factor in App Marketing

Apps make huge business. Consequently, the demand for apps has also been increasing in the market. Hence, the presentation of your app in the app store is imperative to stand out from the competitors. Moreover, what makes a user download your app completely depends on the elements that you have included in the app landing page.

An alluring and interpretive landing page will drive more traffic to your app’s page and convince users to download your app from the app store. Therefore, app landing page optimization maximizes your downloads and has become a significant factor in the app marketing.

App Landing Page


Mobile App Marketing Tips

Let’s have a look at the various components that directly help to optimize your app page.

Call to Action

  • Include call-to-action button at every level
  • Use visual cues like arrows or images of people looking at the button, to draw the eye
  • If you have content below the fold, repeat the CTA
  • If you have other call-to-actions on the page, de-emphasize them visually compared with the earliest one.
  • Use commonly understood, short action-oriented words

App Description

  • Provide description for the most relevant information first
  • Describe key functionalities briefly
  • Mention key features in bullet points
  • Use familiar words

App Screenshots

  • Place appealing screenshots that demonstrate the best features of your app
  • Arrange them according to app features’ priority
  • Keep updating new screenshots in the app page when you launched new features
  • Screenshots must consist only the relevant features

Videos (App Trailer / App Preview)

  • Insert a video to demo your app
  • Explain the simple concept of how app acts in real
  • Illustrate the benefits
  • Add a call to action button at the end
  • The duration of video must be short
  • Include music and feature list

Complementary Colors

  • Use complementary colors for appealing designs
  • Try varying the text color of important messages
  • Create contrast between CTA and other elements

Above the Fold

  • Keep your CTA, key features and form fields above the fold
  • Make sure your appropriate landing page information can be seen without scrolling down
  • Keep features above the fold and detailed descriptions below the fold

So, don’t forget to consider these components while you are creating or updating your app landing page.

Marketing becomes much easier when you have a great app with incredible features. The success of an app is also associated with outstanding design, performance, scalability, and rich user interface.

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2 comments on “App Landing Page is the Key Factor in App Marketing

  1. Caden Dahl

    One of the things with apps is that they have to keep people’s attention. Now as you said, there are many different ways to optimize the marketing of a said app. If it was something that I made, I’d for sure add some screenshots so that way, people could see previews of it.

  2. vervelogic

    Hey Tejaswi, Amazing tips. Thanks

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