A Merry Little Christmas Party at Our Office

Once again, the time of the year is here when all of us are looking for novel ways to celebrate Christmas and New Year. Every year, Christmas season brings along a joyous occasion filled with fun and celebrations to bond all the employees. Vmoksha made the most of this opportunity by organizing a Christmas party in the office.

This year, the celebrations kick started on 23rd December with colorful, festive decorations to the whole office. Vmoksha hosts a series of fun-filled activities the whole day that bring the true spirit of collaboration among all the Vmokshaites. To gear up the party, we have conducted the cubical decoration competition among different teams. By afternoon, all the teams were ready with colorful lights, bells, Christmas tree and other festive decorations based on their own unique themes. We also have a Santa Claus went around distributing sweets and gifts to everyone.

The evening celebrations included fun games and refreshments followed by snacks and drinks. The entire day was brimming with gaiety, which completely transformed the corporate monotony. The celebration adorned the office space and added the spirit of Christmas and New Year.

We look forward to continuing organizing vibrant activities at our workspace and provide a perfect ambiance to unwind.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Cubical Decoration by Different Teams

Christmas Celebrations at office

Christmas Celebrations at office

Spread the Joy – Flashmob by Vmokshaites

Christmas Celebration

And the first prize winner is Mobility & Pre-sales Team Christmas Celebrations at office

Winners of Fun Games Christmas Celebrations at office


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