6 Ways Businesses Can Take Advantage of IoT

It’s fascinating to watch billions of devices talk to each other every day. However, this amplification in connectivity brings innovation in the way we relate and use these devices. In this evolving IoT marketplace, the services related to those connected things help reap more value for businesses. Hence, IT industry pioneers are executing new ideas of connecting things and people to deliver new services to the market.

Vmoksha is one of those leading pioneers, who help clients with innovative business models integrating IoT technology. We deliver end-to-end solutions in IoT from all primary mobile platforms to Apple Watch. Our wealth of service opportunities provides you with the agility needed for the success of your business in the networked society.

Let us see how businesses can take advantage of the internet of things.

Advantages of IoT

Increase Business Opportunities

IoT opens the door for new business opportunities and helps companies benefit from new revenue streams developed by advanced business models and services. IoT-driven innovations build strong business cases, reduce time to market and increase return on investments. IoT has the potential to transform the way consumers and businesses approach the world by leveraging the scope of the IoT beyond connectivity.

Enhanced Asset Utilization

IoT will improve tracking of assets (equipment, machinery, tools, etc.) using sensors and connectivity, which helps organizations benefit from real-time insights. Organizations could more easily locate issues in the assets and run preventive maintenance to improve asset utilization.

Efficient Processes

Being connected with a maximum number of devices to the internet, IoT allow businesses to be smarter with real-time operational insights while reducing operating costs. The data collected from logistics network, factory floor, and supply chain will help reduce inventory, time to market and downtime due to maintenance.

Improved Safety and Security

IoT services integrated with sensors and video cameras help monitor workplace to ensure equipment safety and protect against physical threats. The IoT connectivity coordinates multiple teams to resolve issues promptly.

Increase Productivity

Productivity plays a key role in the profitability of any business. IoT offers just-in-time training for employees, improve labor efficiency, and reduce mismatch of skills while increasing organizational productivity.

Cost Saving

The improved asset utilization, productivity, and process efficiencies can save your expenditures. For example, predictive analytics and real-time diagnostics drive down the maintenance costs.

IoT has reached the pinnacle of inflated expectations of emerging technologies. Even though IoT offers great potential value, organizations must overcome some significant challenges like data and information management issues, lack of interoperable technologies, security and privacy concerns, and the skills to manage IoT’s growing complexity. However, a professional IoT service provider can overcome these challenges and increase your return on investment.

Vmoksha provides persuasive IoT solutions with innovative business models that improve productivity and operational excellence while achieving high-efficiency business value.

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8 comments on “6 Ways Businesses Can Take Advantage of IoT

  1. connect hp printer to wifi router

    Business can adopt this technology to ensure its assets are safe. When IoT services are integrated with video cameras and sensors, they enable the monitoring of the workplace from one location hence enhancing the security of the business.

  2. ramakrishnan

    Internet of thing is one of the most emerging field. Thanks for sharing this valuable information on Internet of things.

  3. Robert James

    woof! well done for an introduction.

    I would be interested in learning a bit more about the IoT security from a practical view, for example how is the endpoint integrity assured?

    1. Dustin Larsen

      Most of us (IoT equipment providers) would work directly with you or you IT/security dept in setting up devices that are protected not only from your company, but from the internet side as well. The process is lengthy, but sound. The trust you have with your provider is key. We deal with multi-billion dollar companies and we can assure them the set up and security is sound and preventive. You just need to find the right partner to work with.

  4. sundaresh k a

    INice post. Now a days IOT trend in our normal way of life. For chair,table are connect to internet based on iot concept with small censor so easily analyzed our working scenario. Thanks for sharing useful information
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  5. Lokesh Sharma

    These are also some basic advantages…
    you can also add these..

    1. Tejaswi

      Thank you Lokesh. We will consider your suggestions.

  6. Jen McDade

    Nice Post, but I think you can add more content and make it more explanatory. Additionally, the image you used with brief information is quite good.

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