Holi – Festival of Colors!

Sitting in our work place miles away from home, looking out the window watching people with pink faces and multi-colored hands running around brings back a sense of nostalgia.

At Vmoksha, we let our employees rebuild their nostalgic moments by dancing, throwing powder colors and colored water on each other. It was a celebration of not just our childhood memories, but our childhood memories done right.

The below photographs speaks out more on how we enjoyed the celebration.

At last, let it go. You can’t control the urge so let your hair down and color your colleagues!!








International Women’s Day at Vmoksha – 2019

“Here’s to Strong Women. May we Know them. May we Be them. And May we Raise them”

International Women’s Day was cheerfully and extravagantly celebrated at Vmoksha on 8th March 2019. It was time to express love, respect, care and appreciate women employees.

Before everyone arrived, greetings and gifts were arranged on their desks to surprise them!

In the evening to add in more cheer, HR conducted few activities like mannequin challenge, guessing items in a handbag, balloon games etc…

Some of the activities can be eye candy by looking at the below pictures.

Last but not least we had cake cutting and snacks being served to enrich the evening.




IMG_20190308_173034 (1)

Pongal – The Harvest Season!!

Pongal is one of the most popular harvest festivals of South India that brings lots of happiness and joy in the family

On this occasion, Vmoksha was beautifully decorated with rangoli and props like sugarcane to welcome the new season of harvest.

We had Potluck to add fun to the workplace and encourage Vmokshaites to connect with one another over food. Most of the employees have enthusiastically participated and brought few dishes to share with everyone.

We also encouraged our employees to participate in singing, dancing and various other activities to rejoice the evening.

In the midst of all the cheer and celebration, the cynosure of all eyes is the traditional attire.

The run-up to Pongal is as exciting as celebrating the occasion that is believed to ring in prosperity.


Super fun games and activities on Christmas & New Year celebrations at Vmoksha Technologies

Winter brings a lot of things we find hard to embrace!

But with all of the hassles of winter, it also brings along something we can embrace: The Christmas!

Christmas just isn’t the same without decorations. Vmoksha had few bits of tinsel around the office, getting the tree out of storage and buying some fairy lights to hang on.

We played Secret Santa and few other fun-filled games to relish our day.  Just like every year, the Vmokshaites formed into different groups and decorated their cubicles with creative themes.

We organized combo meals to our employees as a part of festive food along with plum cakes. No one will ever say no to a cake during the festive period!

The below photographs speaks out more about how we enjoyed the celebration.

Cubicle (3)

Cubicle3 (1)

Cubicle2 (2)

Cubicle4 (1)

Group Picture2 (4)

Thanksgiving Potluck at Vmoksha!

Food, Drink & Fun!!! It’s Thanksgiving Potluck day at Vmoksha!

Thanksgiving Day is a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year. At Vmoksha, we organized a very delicious potluck gathering of employees to have fun together and enjoy snacks. Each employee got involved in either bringing food from their house or ordering a variety of delicious dishes. In the end, our Thanksgiving Potluck was a time to acknowledge what we are thankful for!






Ayudha Puja at Vmoksha, 2018

Ayudha Puja is one of the most significant religious festivals occur during nine days of Navaratri. Before calling up for the long weekend of Dussehra, we organized Ayudha Puja at Vmoksha for the continued success of the organization.

The staff involvement was remarkable in giving a whole bright and colorful look with decoration to make it to the festive mood. It was as pleasant as to see everyone dressed in ethnic wear, adding to the joyful day. We had a divine mood set on the puja for better growth of each and everyone, with sweet distribution at the last to the lit up the faces.

Ayudha puja






Vmoksha Invited Lens2Home To Ensure Better Vision of the Employees

The power of sight is one of the most important gifts that we as human beings have got.

Vmoksha focused on organizing an Eye Check up Camp to its employees to make sure that we don’t suffer from intense pressure and not stop us from delivering excellent services to our clients.

A team of certified optometrists from Lens2Home reached Vmoksha on 5th October, 2018 and set up their paraphernalia. Visual Acuity test and Consultation by a Doctor were the agenda of the camp. A proper record of each employee was being maintained for future reference and treatment if required.

After all, only with perfect health can one deliver perfect results. For, we at Vmoksha care for our employees!