What innovations can we expect from SharePoint 2016?

Since 14 years, SharePoint has been delivering its features and functionalities extensively to mid-size and large businesses. SharePoint 2013 was released 3 years back, Microsoft has changed a lot of things, especially in Office 365. However, the IT pros, developers and end users are eagerly waiting for the next version – “SharePoint 2016″.

Recently, Microsoft has shared some updates on key enhancements and capabilities that they are bringing in SharePoint 2016, which will be available from Q2 2016. Microsoft particularly focused on delivering on-premise deployments and cloud innovations through hybrid deployments of SharePoint Server with Office 365.

SharePoint Server 2016 will deliver capabilities and enhancements in three key areas:

  • Improved user experience
  • Cloud-inspired infrastructure
  • Compliance and reporting


What innovations can we expect from SharePoint 2016

Image Source: http://blogs.office.com/2015/04/16/sharepoint-server-2016-update

Improved User Experience

For any organization, faster decision-making and maintaining connects are crucial capabilities to increase their business effectiveness. The primary workplace necessity is user’s ability to access information while moving. Hence, SharePoint 2016 will deliver improved mobile access to applications, content and people together with touch-based experiences across various devices and screen sizes.

The file storage and document collaboration will become more people-centric with SharePoint 2016. Besides, it will facilitate improved user experience and new capabilities that are available either through a hybrid implementation of Office 365 and SharePoint Server 2016 or as a part of the on-premises deployment.

With SharePoint 2016, you can quickly discover relevant data that is stored in both on-premises and cloud environments powered by Office Delve and Graph. In addition, it also helps in streamline communications with higher integration with Yammer and Exchange and also enhancing management of new types of media by integrating with Office 365 Video.

Cloud-inspired infrastructure

SharePoint 2016 brings your internal investment to the data center, which improves reliability, performance, and scale. It also enables true hybrid scenarios that enhance the actual on-premises investments.

Microsoft will enable a broad ecosystem of partners and solutions through a standard set of APIs that cross over cloud and on-premises. SharePoint 2016 will simplify end-user support and training for IT by integrating products like the next release of Windows Server, Exchange Server 2016 and the next generation of SQL Server.

Considering the customers who run business on-premises with hybrid deployment, Microsoft has committed in delivering SharePoint 2016 as the most stable, secure and reliable version that help organizations to benefit from cloud innovations.

Compliance and reporting

Overexposure to data and information may have legal and compliance implications. SharePoint 2016 is designed with a wide range of features and capabilities to protect your sensitive information with the help of Data Loss Prevention (DLP), enables data encryption with new scenarios, compliance tools that cross over on-premises servers and Office 365 and also ensures content usage that adheres to corporate policy.

Hopefully, these innovations in SharePoint 2016 will help move your business ahead!

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    ya i read your blog you have encrypted very well about the benefits of SharePoint 2016, further any new related information about the SharePoint please post it.

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      Every year, we expect innovation and we lose only time for this, because you can use something that exists more efficiently and conveniently.

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