Enterprises Need to Focus More on Unit Testing, Says Ram Lakshmanan

Ram Lakshmanan, CEO of Tier1App LLC, San Francisco, says that enterprises need to focus more on unit tests and then end-to-end tests.

Recently, Ram visited Vmoksha Technologies and honored us with a valuable presentation on Software Testing re-invented. Every single day, millions and millions of people in North America – bank, travel and do commerce using the applications that Ram has developed. He has architected mission critical applications for a major financial organization whose products/services are used by 1 in every three households in the USA. He has built B2B travel application that processes more than 70% of North America’s (USA & Canada) leisure travel transactions.

Through his vast experience, Ram found Testing as the most important part of the software development process. He decided to find how testing can be done more efficiently, and then he came across the Platform X, a cross-platform for testing.

According to Ram, the common testing anti-pattern is:

Ø  A large volume of manual testing
Ø  A high number of automated end-to-end tests
Ø  A smaller number of service integration tests
Ø  And a narrow foundation of unit tests

However, Ram listed out few drawbacks of manual and end-to-end testing:

  • Takes long time to complete
  • Finding the root cause for a failing end-to-end test is painful
  • Partner and lab failures ruin the test results
  • Multiple bugs hid behind one failure
  • End-to-end tests were flaky at times
  • Developers had to wait till the next day to know if a fix worked or not

Ram’s main idea is that enterprises need to concentrate more on unit tests and integration tests and then manual and automated end-to-end tests. However, this is possible through Platform X, a cross-platform technology for testing, which gives accurate and deterministic test results.

He also mentioned that a typical architecture for testing an enterprise application should includes,

Code Coverage Tool – This ensures that your tests are actually testing what percentage of the application.

White-box Unit Testing – For testing one single code in several dimensions

Ram once again says that “We are not against end-to-end testing. We want to do end-to-end testing, but with a limited focus.” He also says that in large-scale enterprises, testing mobile applications require a long time and efforts. In such cases, Appium, a cutting-edge open-source framework testing solution for mobile devices, helps to analyze user behavior promptly. Similarly, for browser-based end-to-end testing, Selenium tool is helpful, and SOAP UI is usable for testing web services. To overcome the challenges such as one-time data, non-consistent data, and availability constraints, virtualizing all the backend-calls is preferred to achieve more accuracy. Tools like Sonar Qube will help to analyze source code and report bugs in the code. Integrating all these test tools in Platform X will help to find a bug right at the time of committing code.

Finally, he wrapped up the presentation saying that a qualified Test Software Engineer can give the best quality release.

As Vmoksha is planning to adopt Automated Testing soon, Mr. Ram’s presentation was helpful and encourages us to proceed further.

Mr. Ram while giving his presentation

Software Testing

Ram with Vmokshaites after the presentation

Software Testing


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